Silbertool Thread Repair Tools-Thread Savers

You are looking for thread repair tools?

When you repair your thread, you want the repaired thread to have the same characteristics as a new thread. Our Silbertool® X-Thread Savers allow you to do exactly that. That makes our thread repair tools with a patented technology unique!

The Silbertool® X-Thread Savers cover diameters from 5mm to 110mm. Our tools allow you to repair your thread perfectly within seconds. The rollers get to the bottom of the thread’s groove and  form the thread back completely and thereby restores it fully. All this is done chipless and thereby safe!

The Silbertool® thread repair tools are easy to use and do not remove material that is required to keep you safe.  

Currently we offer 4 different standard external Thread Repair Tools.

Every X-Thread Saver covers a specific diameter range. 

Ø 5mm -Ø 16mm 

Ø 10mm -Ø 36mm 

Ø 10mm -Ø 60mm 

Ø 50mm -Ø 110mm 

download the application note here