Silbertool® Thread Repair Tools Saver goes internal soon with the new I-Thread Saver

Currently we are taking the silbertool® technology to the next level. We want you to be able to repair internal threads in the same professional manner. This breakthrough will revolutionize the repair of internal threads. Currently expensive inserts are most commonly used. With our revolutionary invention you can repair endless number of threads. Meaning,  we help you save your money. No driving, no replacements. As a result, we will help you improve your carbon footprint. We will keep you posted!

Here is one of our recent test results

Silbertool I-Thread Saver-damaged thread
Silbertool Internal Thread Repair Tool - I-Thread Saver-fully recovered thread

Damaged internal thread (M12x1.75)

Repaired internal thread (successfully tested with gauge)