A Tailored Thread Repair Tool – The special solution for special thread problems 

It may happen, that your thread diameter exceeds our standard silbertool® thread repair tools Sometimes the design of your threaded part may limit the use of our thread repair tool.

This is where we can provide tailored thread repair solutions using our patented chiples repair technology to solve any of your threading problem. We have created special solutions for diameters upto 1000mm for our Customers in fields of:

  • aviation 
  • power industry 
  • oil/gas industry 
  • chemical industry
  • automotive
  • agriculture
  • maritime industry
  • paper industry
  • maintenance
  • mobility

In every incident it was absolutely vital to recover the thread fully as the threaded parts were safety relevant. This meant, that the technical characteristics of the thread had to be identical or better than those of a new thread. We have satisfied every one of our customers fully. 

You have problems with internal threads with diameters between 10-1000mm? In this case we can also offer you a tailored thread repair solution that will use our patented  chipless threadrepair technology. 

Let us help you achieve the seemingly impossible! 

Contact us any time if you require help from our thread experts!! 

We love challenges!!

Silbertool Thread Saver-special solution