Tailored thread savers have solved many great problems of our customers 

It may happen, that your thread diameter exceeds our standard solutions, or the design of your threaded part limits the use for our standard tools.

This is where we can provide adapted solutions to solve any of your threading problem. For our customers we have created special solutions upto 1000mm for:

  • aviation 
  • power industry
  • oil/gas industry
  • chemical industry
  • automotive
  • agriculture
  • maritime industry
  • paper industry
  • maintenance
  • mobility

We have numerous standard pitches available in stock. As all the tools are manufactured within our own production facility, we are able to supply you with any uncommon pitches on a short term. 

Let us help you  achieve the seemingly impossible 

Contact us any time if you require help from our thread experts!! 

Silbertool Thread Saver-special solution