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Silbertool Rolling Process

While working on any type of mechanical component it is only a matter of time before you struggle with a damaged thread. In many cases a damaged thread will require a replacement of the entire component.

There is no need to replace expensive components because of heavily damaged threads, but preserving its original geometry is crucial. Removing material by cutting weakens the thread dramatically and makes it useless for dynamic loads.

Silbertool does not remove material, it simply forms the thread back into its original geometry.

The Silbertool Rolling Process is a safe and simple procedure.

It repairs any kind of external thread by rolling and forming it back into its original shape using a Silbertool - Thread Repair Tool.

Silbertool is used manually. No external energy supply is required. After choosing the required rollers, they are mounted into the Silbertool which is then placed next to the damaged part. Using an Allen key, which is included in the delivered content, the tool is tightened up and manually rotated around the work piece to restore the thread completely. To reduce friction the work piece should be greased with customary lubricant.

Use your Silbertool to repair any external tread!


Do Not Replace – Repair!


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