Thread Saver - full recovery of damaged threads

Thread Saver

  • original parts are preserved 
  • downtimes are reduced
  • carbon footprint is reduced

Cutting Procedures

  • material is removed so the thread is workable again 
  • the static and dynamic strenght are weakened 
  • safety relevant parts have to be replaced
  • original parts have to be replaced
  • downtime

Variablility - one tool covers a large diameter range

A set of rollers with a pitch of e.g. 1.5mm can be used within the entire range of the tool (e.g. 50-110mm).

To cover that range for standard threads we would require at least 27 threading dies. 

Silbertool- rollers for Thread Saver R110 & R60

Any Pitch Available:
Metric, UN, UNS, BSW,BSP………