Silbertool - The Thread Repair Tool - Silbertool R36 - Multifunctional Thread Repair Tool

Silbertool R36 - Thread Repair Tool

Silbertool R36 - Thread Repair Tool repairs damaged external threads with diameters 10 mm to 36 mm.

Silbertool R36 - Thread Repair Tool repairs damaged external threads with diameters 10 mm to 36 mm.

Using a technology which removes material and thereby weakens the thread can be dangerous. Preserving the original shape of the thread is crucial for the safety of the mechanical components.

That's why Silbertool uses the first non – cutting technology and repairs the thread by forming it back into its original geometry. Moreover the static and dynamic strength are restored completely, the surface of the thread is hardened by cold hardening and the original parts are preserved.

Silbertool saves time, money and reduces the down time.

Silbertool R36 works on:

  • Threads on all formable materials, including high strength materials.
  • Standart, fine and imperial threads…

Silbertool R36  is a multifunctional thread repair tool for external threads with diameters 10 mm to 36 mm.

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