Thread Diameter:
Minimum: Ø 10mm
Maximum : Ø 36mm

Minimum: 0.5mm / 48 TPI
Maximum: 4.0mm  / 6 TPI 

Stainless Steel (partially hardened)

Maximum Radius Of Action:
115mm (while working with Ø 10mm)


You need a compact thread repair tool for tough materials?

The Silbertool®  X-R36 is our compact thread repair tool, designed for especially hard/tough materials. With the Silbertool® X-R36 Thread Saver, you can repair any thread within the dimensions of 10mm upto 36mm. The tool is commonly used in industry on hard/tough parts where all cutting tools compleetely fail, as their cutting edges simply brake away. The toughest part with a thread  restored by a customer, was the main shaft fixing the landing gear to a large aircraft (1850 N/mm²).

The Silbertool® thread repair tool is easy to use.  All you need to do is to is mount the rollers with the required pitch into your tool to start the repair. 

We can instantly provide a large variety of  rollers / pitches to make your thread repair tool even more variable!