How to fix the thread of a wheel stud in 10 seconds

Who doesn't know it: Friday noon, the extensive repair is as good as finished, so that the truck can finally be back on the road and you can start your well-deserved weekend. But then it happens. In the hustle and bustle, the thread of a stud bolt is damaged. Recutting is out of the question for safety reasons. A spare part will not be available until Monday. Duration for removing and installing the new stud: 35 minutes. Trouble with the customer is inevitable.

With the X-Nut XL for studs from M18, we have created a tool with which we can completely restore any stud within seconds. We tested the last prototype with our sales partner in Israel. The repair of a severely damaged stud took less than 10 seconds.

Convince yourself with our uncut video! 

The series tool will be available from June 2023!

Silbertool Thread Repair Tools-Thread Savers

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