Thread Repair Tools by silbertool®

......say goodbye to thread problems



Silbertool®  thread repair tools will restore any of your damaged threads fully! 

With our Thread Savers you will no longer remove material . The result: 

– restoring of the original geometry 

– restoring its original static strength

– restoring of its original dynamic strength

No more compromises!! 

WHY CHOOSE Silbertool Thread repair Tools?

The patented technology is designed to make your life with even heavy damaged threads easy.

Silbertool® Thread Savers help you to fully restore also heavily damaged threads within seconds. 

Everyone using Silbertool thread repair tools once, is convinced. There is only one way to repair a thread: Forming!  

Repair properly or replace. Do not compromise in the quality of your work. 

Reduce downtime

Thread repair within seconds instead of waiting up to weeks for replacement

Repair - Don't replace

Reduce your carbon footprint! Repair original parts instead of preplacing them

scalable and easy to use

Available for all sizes and thread types

Improvement of threads

The thread is work hardened and the mechanical properties improve

Silbertool Thread Repair Tools-Thread Savers