X-R110 Thread Saver in action
Repairing of a thread on a truck axle
full recovery
Our rollers get all the way down to the groove of the thread
open silbertool
Quality casing
All our tools are delivered in a quality case
X-R16 Thread Saver in action
Our smallest tool covers diameters from 5-16mm
Thread in perfection
Repaired threads meet the ISO standards again

You are looking for thread repair tools?

Silbertool Thread Repair Tools-Thread Savers
Silbertool Thread Repair Tools-Thread Savers
Thread Repair by Cutting
  • material is removed
  • static and dynamic strength is reduced
  • thread groove is damaged (notch effect)
  • safety relevant parts cannot be fixed
Silbertool Thread Repair Tools-Thread Savers
Chipless Thread Repair
  • material is formed back, not removed
  • static and dynamic strength is fully restored (approved by MPA)
  • metal is work-hardened, up to 30% harder (not stronger)
  • original parts are preserved

Standard tools available for

diameters: 3 to 120 mm
pitches: 0.5 to 4 mm
(and equivalent inch sizes)
Silbertool Thread Repair Tools-Thread Savers
Silbertool Thread Repair Tools-Thread Savers
Sustainable. Innovative. Patented.
Silbertool® stands for German engineering and production in perfection. We cover the entire vertical range of manufacturing required to meet our customers’ demands. The team are 50 highly skilled professionals and Philipp Silberkuhl, the inventor of the silbertool® process.
Reduce costs
reduce downtime
reduce CO2 footprint
Silbertool Thread Repair Tools-Thread Savers Silbertool Thread Repair Tools-Thread Savers Silbertool Thread Repair Tools-Thread Savers
Philipp Silberkuhl
I had the idea of a hand tool for forming threads in 2009 while ...
Silbertool Thread Repair Tools-Thread Savers
Thread repair...
within 30 seconds

Repair tools

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Thread repair: Repair safe
Thread repair tool for professionals
How to fix the thread of a wheel stud in 10 seconds
Convincing: the Silbertool X-Nut XL with our customer
Silbertool Thread Repair Tools-Thread Savers


You have damaged threads in small or large quantities that you are struggling with?
In this case we can offer you our thread repair service. Hand over your problem to the professionals so you can stay focused!

- Send us your parts and we will service your threads on our premises
- We come to you and repair the thread on site

Contact us any time for further details.


Everything you need to know about SILBERTOOL
Ask your question
Silbertool Thread Repair Tools-Thread Savers
How do I know if the material is cold formable and I the Thread Saver can be used?
If the thread is damaged, i.e. deformed, proof has already been provided that the material is cold formable.
Which materials are suitable for thread repair?
Basically all cold formable materials. When using the Thread Saver on stainless steel, it should be noted, that either the rollers are new or thoroughly cleaned before use to avoid corrosion.
When using the Thread Saver, is a lubricant is required?
The use of lubricants is generally recommended. In cases where no lubricant is allowed to be used(Food industry), lubricants can also be dispensed with. The results show no notable disadvantages. When using without a lubricant, the required forces increase slightly.
When the material is torn out, will the thread be as new after a repair?
Unfortunately, the tool is not magic. Once the material has been torn out, it is missing. The tool works with the existing material.
Up to what material firmness can a thread be repaired?
The threaded rollers deliver standard-compliant results up to 1850 N/mm² on the threaded shaft made of stainless steel, fixing the gear to the A350.
Is a thread infinitely repairable?
No. Basically, metals are malleable due to displacements and spaces in the crystal lattice. These migrate during the forming and there is a ‘reordering’ of the crystal lattice. These ‘movements’ are finite. At some point, after about 15 repairs in the same place and depending on the type of damage, the material fails (e.g. paper clip). If the damage occurs again and again in the same place, the construction should be reconsidered.
Silbertool Thread Repair Tools-Thread Savers

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