Thread repair: Repair safe

What to do if a thread is damaged? Of course, the thread is reworked with a file, with a cutting stock or a thread chaser or with a 'thread cleaner'. The nut then fits back onto the thread. In the truest sense of the word, however, the branch on which we are sitting is being sawed off. Material is removed or torn out!! The thread is weakened and a potential hazard is created. With some universal tools, the root of the thread or the flanks are even severely damaged, since the geometry of the tool does not correspond to the required geometry of the thread.

With a thread repair tool from Silbertool, no material is removed from the thread. It is reshaped 100% into the original geometry by the profile rollers. The rollers used in every Silbertool thread repair tool have exactly the profile specified by the ISO standard. After the repair, the thread has the dynamic and static strength of a new thread. For this reason, our tools are also used successfully in aviation on safety-relevant components, such as in engines, or railway industry, where the safety of passengers has top priority. Professional thread repair is only possible with Silbertool.

Silbertool Thread Repair Tools-Thread Savers

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