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Sustainable. Innovative. Patented.
Silbertool® stands for German engineering and production in perfection. We cover the entire vertical range of manufacturing required to meet our customers’ demands. The team are 50 highly skilled professionals and Philipp Silberkuhl, the inventor of the silbertool® process.
Reduce costs
reduce downtime
reduce CO2 footprint
No matter how big, no matter what pitch, the Silbertool® thread repair tools have found their way into many dockyards, both civil and military. In most dockyards spare parts are not kept on the shelf. Every ship is in its way unique. The damaged threads that need repairing fulfill a function on a far more complex part. Repairing the damaged threads with Silbertool® does not only save time, but also vast amounts of money for replacements as well as downtime.

The largest thread ever repaired by Silbertool® thread repair tool was 1000mm with a pitch of 6mm. With our tools being able to repair any thread from 3mm to 1000mm we cover the full range of threads that appear in a shipyard.


You have damaged threads in small or large quantities that you are struggling with?
In this case we can offer you our thread repair service. Hand over your problem to the professionals so you can stay focused!

- Send us your parts and we will service your threads on our premises
- We come to you and repair the thread on site

Contact us any time for further details.
Philipp Silberkuhl
Sustainable. Innovative. Patented.
I had the idea of a hand tool for forming threads in 2009 while working as a researcher in the Institute of metal forming and metal forming machines. I then started my own company to develop the technology not only for rolling new threads but for a much bigger market: Thread repair and thread optimization.

This was a start into a much bigger business with globally active customers and also the beginning of joining up with new partners to be able to scale the production. Currently the production of our standard tools involves about 20 people in total. Special solutions and service are another growing business sector.

Silbertool Thread Repair Tools-Thread Savers

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